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Work Testimonials for Susan Barton

Thank you for reviewing my portfolio. This testimonial page will show a brief synopsis of some of the employers and contractors I have worked with. Their words tell the story of my work ethics. These samples are available in their original hardcopy format, if requested.

I welcome questions and comments by phone at 407-283-7481 or e-mail.


Susan Barton has been a go-to person for me for more than ten years. Any special project, or task that required attention to detail I would call on Susan. Ms. Barton is consistent, has professional predictability, integrity, and a good sense of the big picture matched with a tactical mind. Whether working on behalf of The University of Central Florida or Duke University Alumni Affairs, Susan always added a level of quality that enhanced our teams performance.
Jeff Garner
Director of Communications/Web
University of Central Florida Alumni Relations

I recommend Susan to you enthusiastically and without reservation. She methodically worked through many anomalies in our system's newly acquired cataloging database and was instrumental in correcting thousands of conversion omissions and streamlining our daily procedures. She has an exceptional ability to look at problem tasks and devise improved solutions. She quickly learned our procedures and has, without fail, handled all research and software matters in an efficient, competent manner and consistently exhibits a cheerful, concerned attitude to employees and their requests. Within six short weeks, we found ourselves promoting her to Product Support Analyst. The quality of Susan's work and her organizational skills are top notch. She exhibits good judgment and is always dependable, cooperative and flexible. Her attendance and punctuality is also excellent. She is an active team member and is always willing to take on any assignment. She has shown the kind of initiative that is necessary to be successful over the long-term in any endeavor she undertakes. I believe she will be an asset to your company and an outstanding employee. She is a conscientious worker and has an excellent work ethic. It is an honor to write this on Susan's behalf, and it is my hope that I have adequately conveyed my esteem for her. I recommend Susan to you without reservation.
Katheryn Day
Lockheed Martin Missles and Fire Control

Seriously, I just learned that this is Susan Barton's last day. For what it's worth, and certainly not to take anything away from the others, but I have never had projects turned around so quickly with such an incredible level of detail. I am used to many revisions and honestly, the past several layouts Susan has done have had ZERO changes, and in fact, the training brochure which should have been a major project, came back perfect the first time! From my limited knowledge of working with her from the outside, she strikes me as a very intuitive, dedicated, talented person and a real asset to Seagate Software. And she's real nice to boot.
Rick Brown
Seagate Software

It has been my pleasure to work with Susan Barton for the past five years. As Susan's direct supervisor, I worked very closely with her. I have a great deal of respect for Susan and her work ethic. She always handled several projects at a time (most with extremely short timeframes) and managed to keep her positive attitude and sense of humor. Susan's efficiency and attention to detail were key components in producing top-quality business winning proposals. Whenever extra effort, in terms of long hours or weekends was required, Susan willingly did whatever it took to get the job done right and on time. Susan's initiative, suggestions, creativity and tendency to go beyond "just doing the job" resulted in changes which have become standard components of the HTE proposal and marketing departments. I heartily recommend Susan for any position that demands intelligence, creativity, and a determination to do the best job possible. HTE's loss will be another company's gain.
Sheryl Nelson
HTE, Inc.

I wanted you to know what a difference that Susan Barton's job on the response to Broken Arrow RFP made. HTE had not had previous exposure to this City until the RFP came out. Broken Arrow allowed us to spend two days onsite getting a better understanding of their requirements. This was a great opportunity but ended up in a lot of customization in our response, which caused an enormous amount of extra work for everyone, but mostly Susan. Her willingness to put forth the extra effort even with the short deadline and a vacation coming up, made the difference and allowed us to get in the final selection phase, which of course was ours to win, then. Susan understands how to put a winning proposal together. Susan has tireless energy. She is the only proposal partner I have EVER worked with who matched me hour for hour - even when those hours came on Saturday and Sunday. I would, without reservation, recommend her to anyone interested in putting together a top quality proposal.
Ben Rosenberg
HTE, Inc.

I have been an independent contractor working for Intervoice-Brite for the past 17 months, developing the Brite Intranet and its underlying architecture. Today is my last day, and therefore final opportunity as a member of the new Intervoice-Brite organization to express my very high regard for an employee that you may otherwise never hear about.
I have the greatest regard for Susan Barton. Susan who works as a Proposal Analyst, is extremely competent, highly dedicated and totally reliable. In addition to those traits, she is a genuinely nice person.
Richard Call
InterVoice-Brite, Inc.

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